August 29, 2012 AM

From Laurel

We began the day with some chatting and some sign language. Mom didn’t seem very cooperative with signing, so I ditched that and began her morning stretch. She was somewhat tight but loosened up relatively well. This also put her to sleep, and she had a solid 30-45 minute morning nap. After that, I got out the mirror and played around a little with that. Mom really stared intently at her reflection, and moved her hair around a little while looking at herself. I tried to get her to copy my mouth movements (e.g., “open your mouth on 1, 2, 3…”), but didn’t have any luck. However, she did slightly open her mouth once or twice when I touched it on the third count. We did some reading to allow her to relax, and then I tried signing again. A great surprise: all I said was “Mom, show me yes with your hand” without doing any hand motions myself, and she lifted her hand, did a small wave but then actually did the yes sign!! Either she has learnt that doing that is the only way to shut me up, or she actually put together yes and the hand motion! Pretty excited that it may be the latter! She didn’t repeat it when I asked again later, but you really have to catch Mom at the right time for these new things.

Physio was a fill-in for Tom today so she didn’t make it by until 1130 or so. It was Jane, who Mom had for physio several times when in the surgical ward. Jane was tight for time so didn’t do much other than the basic range of motion, but she really did push Mom past her usual stretches with Tom. A few painful/worried expressions from Mom, but it generally seemed like a good sign that she was being pushed further than usual. Jane noted that it really is not Mom’s left hip that is limited in range, but her knee, which was clear when she dropped Mom’s leg over the bed. Mom relaxed after Jane left, and I read her some Anne until she fell asleep. A well-deserved nap. She will soon be treated to a visit from Kiko, and then I’ll return later in the afternoon.


  1. When I write to you do you get these messages. I am not sure how this works. We will pray for Janet and you Laurel …You are such a beautiful one. Love Barb and Gary

    1. I see them Barb as I am the administrator of the blog. Everyone else would have to go to the blog to read them. Larry

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