August 28, 2012

From Heidi

Jack joined me (Heidi)Yesterday during our reading time with Janet and it turned into an exciting event for us. I have never see her so beautiful and alert. From all those outdoor beach strolls with Larry, she has acquired a gorgeous tan.
Between our bouts of reading we pulled out the large mirror, handed Janet the hair brush and asked her to brush her hair. It took a moment but then she did exactly that. Today she also turned the book in the books each time we asked her to…without hesitation. High fiveing, brushing her hair, putting up one finger, putting her glasses on and off and flipping through books and lovingly holding my hand was one of our most precious times with her. Tangible and evident progress. Before we left we again prayed over her that God would completely heal her and restore all that has been broken. We are grateful for Larry, Laurel and all the wonderful people God has placed in her life. Love and Hugs…Heidi

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