August 28, 2012 PM

From Laurel

A solid afternoon shift with Mom. I arrived and we spent some time chatting and doing some signing. She still never used “yes” or “no” signs in response to a question, but she did quite methodically figure out how to do the “no” sign and imitate it back for me. She was soon put in her wheelchair and we headed down to the beach. Larry was riding by on his bike and joined us for a bit. We all gave Gaga a call together and it was nice to see Mom focusing on the phone as her mom chatted to her. Larry even caught Mom looking over to me a few times when Gaga directed questions to me.

Once back inside, Mom quickly appeared uncomfortable in her chair, lifting up her left leg and moving forward lots. I asked her if she wanted to go back into her bed, and prompted “yes” or “no” signs, but no luck. However, she did start motioning to the bed and leaning over to try to touch it, increasing this action over time as we waited for the nurses to come to move her back to bed. It was very clear she was trying to communicate she wanted back in bed. She also leant over to put her magazine and glasses on the bed, and threw them at the bed when she realized couldn’t quite reach that far. Both objects hit the bed – who knew Mom was the one we all got our basketball strokes from???

Once in bed, she still appeared uncomfortable or distressed about something, and nurse Arlene decided to give her some Tylenol. She settled down enough for a little snooze while I was reading to her, but then woke quickly and began Houdieno. I attempted to play a game of Tic Tac Toe with her. Although I wouldn’t say she actually made a move, she did attempt to make a scribble (which happened to be on the board). She also successfully took 2 pillowcases off of her pillows. It seems clear her bed cleaning skills have been spared!

I moved her onto her back and stretched her out and this seemed to relax her, enough to put her to sleep. I then left her for the night looking quite peaceful tucked in bed.

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