August 28, 2012 AM

Busy day so far. Janet popped her eyes open as soon as I said good morning. She was in a half Houdieno move and gave me a little smile. Christi came in and we cleaned her up and changed her. Janet is a favorite of so many nurses, it’s pretty cool. Christi did mention Janet’s heart rate was up a little, around 104. She checked back in the chart a ways and it appears Janet is often in the 90’s and low 100’s. I asked Dr. Price about it and he says it’s likely a switch in her brain stem telling the heart to beat faster. As long as it doesn’t sustain at 120 or 130 he’s not worried about it.

Because of her high heart rate I let Janet rest a little before starting our stretching routine. Tom came in later on and we put Janet on her tummy. She tolerated it very well with little change to her heart rate and lots of good movement from her. She even helped me roll her over after 45 minutes. After a short rest I sat her up for some standing then Christi and I weighed her. She gained almost a kilo from last week. Good news!

We did some more work on talking and signing etc. No luck on the talking yet and Janet refused to do the sign language thing today but she repeatedly closed her hand to a fist then lifted her pointer finger as instructed. She seems fascinated by her hand and fingers so maybe that’s the way to go for yes and no.

Heidi came in to read with Janet and I took off to deal with LTC financial issues. Thanks to Laurel I’m going to Nanaimo tomorrow to see my parents. Praying for immediate and full healing and the ability to talk.

One comment

  1. Wait to go on the blog launch!! Thank you for all the work you do behind the scene Larry. You are truly a techie 😉 Have a super time with Mom and Dad tomorrow!

    Laurel, if I could help by doing a shift tomorrow in the afternoon or night please let me know. Morning is a bit tricky with meetings. Text me if you want 😉 (250)808-9746.

    Go TSJ! Go Janet!! xoxo

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