August 27, 2012 PM

From Laurel

Mom was in her chair when I arrived this afternoon but looking somewhat uncomfortable so was fairly quickly put back to bed. She had a good snooze once in bed, and then woke up for some chatting and reading. I felt she looked more “focused” on listening as I got to some particularly good parts in Anne of Green Gables today, but that may have been an overly optimistic impression on my part. She didn’t want to try any writing/scribbling today, but when I gave her the hairbrush and asked her to brush her hair she quite quickly used it to appropriately stroke the side of her head. Nice job, Mom! She also was very quick and “on target” with her high fives today. She later had another nap and then woke up for a nice visit from Wendy. We did some stretching and then it was time to say goodnight.

Oh, and good news of the day…the lab test indicated C Diff is gone! Apparently we are to keep the gowns and gloves on for another couple of days, but the end is in sight!

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