August 27, 2012 AM

Sleepy day so far for Janet. She was in Houdieno mode when I arrived and her nurse came in to clean her up. A test is being done to see if the C diff. is gone. Sure hope so. Started stretching Janet and despite being quite tight to begin she loosened up quite well. Likely due to her falling asleep half way through the workout. I waited for Tom with Janet all limbered up and ready to go but by 10:30 I had not even seen him on the ward yet so I sat Janet up on the side of the bed and did some standing with her. I also just let her sit there for about fifteen minutes and each time she leaned over to the right too far she would grab my arm or shoulder and correct herself. Nice. Got her into the new wheelchair using the sliding board and was already for a drive around the ward and back to sleep she went. I sat with her for a few minutes to see if it was just a power snooze then Tom came in. He used the sliding board to get her back on the bed and she woke up as soon as he started working with her. Seeing Tom work the sliding board was good for me as I now know to put Janet’s arm out way farther than I was so she can pull herself more than lift and slide. I put Janet into the regular chair after her workout as she was sleepy again.

I went roaming in search of Dr. McCann and saw Cathryn. She is still working on the rehab criteria. Progress is being made on the LTC rates thanks to lots of help from the Access Coordinator. Had a chat with this week’s Hospitalist and he was pleased to hear of Janet’s progress. He actually had an aneurysm that was diagnosed before it ruptured. Obviously he was treated successfully and I look forward to talking to him about it some more.

Praying for full healing.

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