August 26, 2012 PM

Janet was raring to go when I arrived just before three. She was in Houdieno mode and very bright. Even bright enough to smile at me a couple times. The smile quickly vanished as I started stretching her as the left hip/pelvis and leg are still tighter than I think they should be now with the Botox. She started smiling again when I sat her up on the edge of the bed then did some “standing”. She really does enjoy sitting by herself especially when I help straighten her back. Her face lights up each time. She even brushed her hair a few times. We went for our customary walk to the beach with Janet wheeling her chair from her room to the elevators in record time. By the time we were at the beach Janet was clearly not comfortable. She was leaning forward a lot to grab her left knee and move that leg to the right. She seemed better as long as we were moving but I did cut the walk short and as I sat her on the edge of the bed she very deliberately put her left arm down and started to lean over clearly “saying” she wanted to lay down. She seemed relieved almost immediately.

After a short rest we called Heather and Janet was focused on her voice most of the time. She looked perplexed sometimes too but that is a common expression people have when listening to Heather.

School was in for a while next. Janet seemed very interested when I wrote her name on the iPad using iblackboard. Maybe she recognized her name or maybe my writing, nevertheless it was a good reaction and I will try other words with it next. Tried to get her to write or draw something on it but only got a few taps out of her. I played a couple speech therapy songs for her and she seemed to watch each one very closely.

I had lots of interaction with Janet today. Lots of eye contact, touching, it even felt like she leaned in to give me a kiss once. She fell asleep by six and was still snoring at 7:30 when I left but the time she was awake she was very awake.

Praying for a productive day tomorrow.

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