August 26, 2012 AM

From Laurel

A quiet morning with Mom. She appeared to be asleep when I arrived, but opened her eyes as soon as I began talking. Worked a lot with her right arm, making it reach around to touch other parts of her body and helping her to move it around. She appears very focused when this is happening, although I don’t know on what. I again gave her the pen and paper, and with some prompting she made some more scribbles. She doesn’t ever want to do it for long, but she doesn’t seem to mind it as she’s doing it. I used her hand to write a (very messy) sentence – thought it was worth a try. Later, Mom was put in her wheelchair but fell alseep just as we were about to head out. Fortunately, she woke up as we got to the elevators and Suzanne stepped out for a visit. Nice timing! We went outside for a little, but Mom needed to be back for lunch, and on the way back she fell alseep. Proceeded to sleep for almost two hours before I decided to head home for some lunch. Hopefully Larry can have some more awake time when he arrives this afternoon!

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