August 25, 2012 PM

It turned out to be a fairly bright day for Janet. Her morning nap was brief and we did some reading, writing, grooming, talking and gawking over lunch. When Janet wakes up she is usually a little slow to get going so I gave her a magazine to look at first. She leafed through a bunch of pages first then went one by one till she found a very colorful ad on one page and she really looked at that for a while. She also paused at a half page photo of Ellen and I reminded her who that was but I think she recognized her. I tried with the pen and paper thing again with no luck but Janet did finally brush her hair! Just a couple strokes and not well aimed but she did it without coaching or hesitating. I sensed she was quite bright so I tried to get her to say something like hi or aah. She will open her mouth on command now sometimes but there was no real effort to speak today. Janet is getting better with the sign language as she now will mimic the sign for yes consistently. I used the speech therapy mirror with her as well but I don’t think she sees well enough to really know what she’s looking at. She was comfortable touching the mirror today so that is a good step.

After lunch it was back to bed for a stretch and some sitting/standing. Janet stayed awake through that so into the new wheelchair she went. By far her best effort at driving today. Long spurts of wheeling and way more confident in the chair. I can walk beside and in front of her now and she’ll follow where if I did that before she seemed scared to do anything. Good progress.

I drove as we walked to the beach and back. The sun felt good and Janet was looking around a lot. I stopped a few times where she could look closely and touch some flowers. Previously she would be startled a little to touch something like that but she seems more confident now. I put her into bed to wait for Laurel and headed home for lunch.

Laurel reports that her mom slept till about 4:30 then was quite active the rest of her shift. Laurel was successful in getting Janet to write on some paper! Well, scribble, but still. Apparently the pen I was giving Janet was not good enough for her as she loved the clicky pen Laurel gave her. She started clicking it right away and when Laurel held a piece of paper out in front of her she put the pen to it and made scribbly marks. Cool.

Praying for a restful and healing night and a communicative day tomorrow.

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