August 25, 2012 AM

Much brighter start today. Janet woke up as I came into the room and was quite intent on listening to me chat to her. She was really looking at me, had a smiley face on and often reached out to rub my arm or shoulder. Her nurse came in and we got her medicated, cleaned and dressed then it was time for some stretching. That went reasonably well but Janet is still kinda tight on the left hip/pelvis and hamstring. The right arm is better today and the more we can exercise it the better. Janet was exploring the fingers on her right hand this morning using her left hand to lift each one up and rub it a little. First time I’ve seen that.

We attempted to go for a walk but once Janet was in the wheelchair sitting in the sun waiting for me to change out of my gloves and gown, she fell asleep.

Praying for brighter and brighter days.

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