August 24, 2012 PM

A pretty good afternoon shift for Janet. I had her all ready for Jane just after two and we got her into the new wheelchair using the sliding board. Janet instinctively used her left arm to balance and try to move herself and I can see that with a shorter and slipperier board she could learn to do this on her own. She also needs to gain control of her left leg as well and hopefully with lots of experience like this she will get it going. Wayne arrived for a visit just as Janet started wheeling out the door. He was out of Team Save Janet uniform and I think that motivated Janet to wheel harder toward him. Jane was happy with Janet’s performance but I know she can do better as she was just breaking out of her slumber. Jane suggested I have a talk with Dr. McCann re Janet’s progress and I will next week for sure. Again, I’m not getting my hopes up but will keep praying that Janet makes enough progress to avoid LTC.

We went for a little walk after the session with Jane and Janet got more and more alert as the afternoon went on. She was really watching cars and people and looking at me with a quizzical look from time to time. One time she even made an obvious gesture that she was annoyed with the cigarette smoke wafting over from some patient smoking just off the property. She rubbed her nose, frowned and looked at me like “eew”. I continue to try and get her to say hi or give me the sign for yes. She mimicked that well once today and you can really see her thinking and trying to figure things out when asked to talk or sign. During one signing attempt she seemed to be counting her fingers, bringing them up one at a time from a fist. That’s a first that I’ve seen.

She had a nap during most of her dinner and that gave me time to work on the LTC money issue. Hopefully will get this resolved next week. We did a little sitting up and reading and talking before I stretched her out for bed. No sign of C diff. since a change first thing this morning. Yay!

Praying for a restful and healing night. A safe drive from Calgary for Laurel and a progressive day tomorrow.

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