August 24, 2012 AM

Another sleepy start to the day. Janet was being changed when I arrived and the girls wanted to change her whole bed so I let them put Janet in the wheelchair. Of course she went right back to sleep and stayed that way till Tom showed up at 10:30. We put her on the tilt table and that sure woke her up. I had no chance to stretch her before that and Tom went pretty easy on her before raising her on the table. She had a real sweaty workout “standing” there for forty minutes and showed us that that is about her limit. When Tom let her down she was quite uncomfortable and her legs were shaking and her back was arched. I was quite concerned but Tom explained how hard that table is and how little padding Janet has so the pressure of being on there that long was uncomfortable. As soon as we flew her back to bed she relaxed and everything loosened up. By then it was lunch time so of course she went to sleep.

The dietician stopped by to discuss her formula and wants to switch to the high calorie formula again even with the C diff. still present. She tried telling me that Janet’s weight is stable but I told her she lost some since the last weigh in. We checked the chart and Janet’s weight was incorrectly entered as being the same as the last two times. I told her the correct weight and that I know because I did it twice that day. Grrrr. The dietician also mentioned that Janet’s phosphorus count is climbing again. Not potassium as previously reported. The new formula will correct that as well. I asked how the phosphorus is measured and she said blood work once a week. I explained the high frequency of vampire visits lately and that the Hospitalist had put a stop to that. She promised to inform me what gets ordered for that. I actually stopped a vampire from entering Janet’s room today. I asked her if she was going in to see Janet and she said yes. We went to the nurses station to confirm and turns out the vampire had the wrong name and room number. I’m hoping that if I wasn’t there to stop her she would have realized her error when she checked the wrist band. Would be interesting to know.

Still working on the LTC situation and making some progress.

Jane the OT is going to work with Janet in the new wheelchair this afternoon and also with a large mirror. Should be fun. Praying Janet is awake and at her brightest.

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