August 23, 2012 PM

Home early! Janet fell asleep around five so I bolted as I have lots I can do away from the hospital.

She was awake in her chair when I arrived this afternoon so after posting the update and reading a card sent from Rita (Raju’s sister) we went out for a walk. I got a damp cloth to wipe her mouth before we went out and she grabbed it from my hand and did it herself. A first! Laurel really ought to be here now as there is more than enough wind to power her phone. Janet knew to hold onto her hat without being told. Very impressive. One gust caught us both by surprise though and I had to go for a run to retrieve her hat. Janet was very aware of the wind, the large waves at the beach and the noise associated with that. I think it was good for her. We managed to find a sunny quiet spot for a bit and call Mary/Gaga. I think there were too many distractions outside to allow Janet to focus on her mom’s voice but there were moments when she was tuned in.

Cam met us in the hall on the way back and saw his mom awake during the day for the first time in a while. Janet brightened right up when she saw him. I thought we might get a “hi” or a wave but no.

After a really good stretch Janet was out and so was I. Kind of a quiet day overall for Janet which good because I was busy. Hopefully Janet has a restful night and an active and progressive day tomorrow.

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