August 23, 2012 AM

Slow start today. Janet sleepy till 9:30 or so. We practiced some sign language and “talking” before Tom showed up. Her nurse came in to give Janet’s meds and I asked about the antacid. Wondering if it’s still needed. She didn’t know but the Hospitalist was right outside the door so I asked him, he checked Janet’s chart and agreed to take her off it. Yay! One less med. I stretched Janet out and had her sitting on the edge of the bed when Tom arrived which wasn’t till 11:30. I guessed right though as he wanted to try a sliding board to transfer Janet from bed to wheelchair. It forces her to participate and for a first time she did well. Tom will try and find a slipperier one and teach me how to help her.

Janet was back to sleep right as Tom was done so I left to go do some pool and yard work. I’ve also been on the phone a lot with CPP and IH. Janet has been approved for CPP Disability but the amount is less than what LTC rent will be. Still working on it and making progress. Getting amazing help in both departments.

Going for a walk now.

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