August 22, 2012 PM

During my lunch break, Cam stopped by but Janet was snoring away. Brenda visited Janet not long after that and read a couple books with her. I returned shortly after to find Janet awake and begging to be put to bed for some stretching. Well maybe not begging. We had a decent workout ending with some “standing”. She fell asleep minutes afterwards just as Cam showed up. You should stick to your late night shift Cam.

Janet had quite a long afternoon nap so she really must have been awake lots last night. I considered leaving but she woke up shortly after four and we practiced sign language. I was surprised to learn that what I had started teaching her for no is actually yes. No wonder she wasn’t doing it. I actually got some really good attempts at making the signs as if she remembers from teaching it at preschool. I also tried getting her to say hi. With some help she would open her mouth and exhale loudly. A few times she did it without help. I think she made a really good effort to speak.

After her dinner we went for a sunset walk to the beach. Too windy to stay long but it seemed to invigorate Janet as she did really well driving the new wheelchair back on her ward. Best yet. She was so cute as she wheeled up to the desk at the nurses station as if she wanted to talk to them. She had a nice happy face on and possibly was sensing a little freedom. Didn’t last long though as I got her back in bed, stretched out and tucked in so I could ride home before dark which is happening way too early now.

A successful day 100. Praying for ten times as much improvement over the next hundred.

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