August 22, 2012 AM

Day 100.

Hard to believe but here it is. Seems like another lifetime ago that this all started.

Janet has had a good day so far despite the C diff. spiking up a little. It would appear as though she had a bit of a restless night as her blankets were all askew and she was in Houdieno position when I arrived. She managed to take off two straps and the splint and toss it on the floor. She couldn’t quite get the sleeve off but she sure tried. Tom and Leanne put her on her tummy for about thirty minutes this morning. Janet seemed a little uncomfortable this time and I think it was the C diff. Her legs responded really well though and she turned her head on command a number of times. I took her for a walk in the old wheelchair and she had a nice fifteen minute nap in the sun at the beach.

I spoke to the Access Coordinator, Lynn, and she gave me some interesting info on the residential care rates. I won’t go into detail here but will get to work on what she suggested. Wendy confirmed that Committee of Estate through a lawyer is the only way for me to get signing authority over Janet. Once I figure out when I need it I will start the process.

In honor of day 100 I put together a little video depicting some of Janet’s achievements to date. Please use the link below to view the video. It is a private video not to be re posted or shared anywhere else. The password to view it is Houdieno.

Grateful for the progress made over these first 100 days and praying for full healing.

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