Update August 21, 2012 AM

Busy day so far for Janet. She was sleeping when I arrived then her nurses came in to wash her up. Reports are that the C diff. is pretty much done. The run of medication Janet was on for it has ended so if all is good for a couple days we can lose the gowns and gloves. Yay!

Tom and Leanne arrived right after the nurses left. I misunderstood Laurel’s note about the tipping chair yesterday. It was not the new wheelchair Janet was in but one of the desk chairs we sit in. Tom had her in one with the “desk” pulled in front trying to get her to write. He didn’t offer an explanation for the tipping incident but I think he feels like he went one step too far with Janet yesterday. This morning they put Janet on the tilt table for thirty minutes and she tolerated it very well. The best yet. She only got agitated in the last five to ten minutes and let out a big sigh of relief when she got back down to level.

It was weigh in day for Janet today and I got teach Arlene and Kristi how to weigh Janet using the sling. Neither of them had done it before. My resume keeps building. Wish I could have gotten a bigger number as Janet has lost a little weight this time. Hopefully when the C diff. is gone they can ramp up the formula a bit.

Janet is napping now getting ready for an active afternoon.

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