August 21, 2012 PM

Heidi was visiting Janet when I returned after lunch. She was stylin in her bright green Team Save Janet t shirt. Janet had a short nap after that and I was able to stretch her out when she woke up. She is much looser today than yesterday. I think the tilt table helped this morning and perhaps her calmness today. She was a little mellow most of the day. Carrie dropped by (not in regulation TSJ gear) for a chat. Always good to have your positive energy and soothing presence in the room Carrie. Thanks for the love you pour into Janet and all of the family.

Janet was very active after some stretching so I decided to try some standing from sitting work with her. Once again after a couple tries she was able to get super close to straight up and she was smiling the whole time. I can tell its a workout for her but she loves it.

Social Worker, Wendy, came in during this part of the workout so I let Janet sit in on the conversation. I asked Wendy for clarification on this Committee of Estate thing and if the Provincial Guardian and Trustee would actually appoint me Committee of Janet. She had not heard of that before but would call them to find out for sure. She thinks it’s pay the lawyers or designate the PGT to administer Janet’s life. Lawyers it is unless she learns different. We also talked about Janet’s condition and if Dr. Jones had spoken to me. I said we had chatted a few times. She meant serious sit down map out a plan for Janet. I said no. Wendy said he had written in the chart and mentioned to the charge nurse that he would have that conversation with me instead of another team meeting. Wendy implied that there may be reason for Dr. McCann to reassess Janet in light of the progress she is making. I’m not getting my hopes up and I think one thing that prevented that discussion is Dr. McCann is still on vacation. Maybe next week.

Janet sat on the edge of the bed unassisted, watching and listening the whole twenty minutes Wendy was in the room. She was very bright and Wendy noticed that for sure. Cool. I got her into the new wheelchair and we called Mary/Gaga. Again, Janet was tuned in the whole time her mom was talking. Janet drove her wheelchair all the way from her bed to outside the door in one go. Arlene watched her and got a little teary eyed. She hadn’t seen Janet do that yet. The hallway was a little busy so I drove to the elevators where I helped Janet get her hand to the button and she pushed it by herself for the first time. We headed for rehab as earlier in the day I found a room with a large mirror in it and I wanted Janet to see herself for the first time in three months. The mirror I was aiming for was not in the greatest spot but thankfully a physiotherapist was there and turned around this cool mirror on wheels for us to use. It’s hard to gauge Janet’s reaction. I think she knew she was looking at herself as she seemed a little overwhelmed and emotional kinda like the first times we went out into the ward. I’m still really unsure of what exactly she sees too. We went to the beach but felt a couple raindrops so headed back in. Good thing too as Janet F. had arrived for her visit. We owe you a t shirt Janet. Remind me next time. Janet loved reading a Dr. Seuss book Janet F. brought in.

During dinner I coached Janet on the hand signals for yes and no. I think she’s catching on. We called Andrew to wish him a late happy birthday. Janet certainly recognized the voice and I think we’ll do more of this. Dinner ended and Christi and I put Janet to bed and she was asleep by 7:15. Solid day.

Praying for complete healing and giving thanks for the love from so many people.

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